About- 100% Pure Royal Islander Kona Coffee

100% Pure Kona Coffee in Royal Islander Coffee one pound bag. Welcome to the Royal Islander Coffee and KTL Kona Coffee Farm web pages.  We’re at the start of another great harvest year growing the best coffee in the world. Our farm is located along Mamalahoa Highway in Captain Cook, in the middle of the famous Kona Coffee Farm Belt.

The Kona Coffee Farm Belt.

The “belt” is a narrow strip of land 1 mile by 30 miles long and home to about 600 farms.  Hundreds of 100% pure Kona coffee lovers around the world visit this spot annually to visit and sample the taste.  For many it is the first time they experienced 100% pure Kona coffee.  Compared to the large Kona coffee companies, we are a small estate farm, or single origin operation.  We do not buy cherry from other farmers, or mix our harvest with cherry from other farms.   In this way we can personally insure the quality of our product in every step on its way to the roaster.

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Medium (Full City Plus) roast.  Small batch roasting.  Freshly roasted for shipping.  Single origin estate coffee.   Packaged in one way gas release bags.